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Average lifts for Jay-Dee composites

Stock JournalReported by:
Catherine Miller

FERTILE GENETICS: Jay-Dee stud's Josh Dowdy with John and Anne Wyld, Koolomurt, Coleraine, Vic, who bought 16 rams, with their manager Wayne Sullivan. Also pictured are auctioneers Richard Miller and Mat Macdonald.


               2017        2016

Offered: 121          152

Sold:       96           104

Top       $2000       $1800

Av:        $1227       $1044

VICTORIAN buyers made an interstate raid at Jay-0ee maternal composite’s annual sale on Wednesday last week at Binnum, making up 12 of the 16 registered bidders.

The final SA on-property ram sale followed the season’s buoyant trend, with the average lifting nearly $200.

However it lacked a couple more volume buyers to improve the clearance rate, with the orders running out with several pens to sell.

The Dowdy family sold 96 of 121 winter 2016-drop rams for a $1227 average.

John and Anne Wyld, Koolomurt Pastoral Pty Ltd, Coleraine, Vic, won many of the bidding duels for the high growth, high muscle rams.

Their tally of 16 rams for a $1581 average, included the $2000 sale topper at Lot 76.

The August 2016 ,drop twin born ram was well-grown and comprised 41 per cent Coopworth, 22pc Texel, 12 pc Border Leicester, 9pc East Friesian, 8.5pc Finn, 6pc Poll Dorset and 2pc White Suffolk.

It had a Lambplan maternal carcase production index of 135.3, including a post weaning weight of 11.9.

The sale’s largest buyer was Colin Rowe, Gymbowen, Vic, who bought nearly a quarter of the rams sold.

He secured 23 rams to $1100 for a $926 average.

Newlyn Pastoral, Hamilton, Vic also bought in the top end with 10 rams to $1800 for a $1520 average.

The Dowdys began developing the maternal composite in 1994.

They have developed a strong following among high rainfall, self-replacing flocks, looking to maximise their kilogram per hectare turn off.

Jay-Dee has focussed on breeding a hardy sheep with good carcase, high early growth, great fertility and good mothering traits, infusing eight different breeds.

Stud principal Judy Dowdy was very pleased with the repeat support but the sale simply “ran out of buyers.”

“Our repeat buyers were discerning with the indexes, chasing rams with high fertility and carcase figures,” she said.

Landmark auctioneer Richard Miller said it was a very even line-up although buyers favoured some breed compositions over others.

“Maternal composites are gaining traction and expanding the number of flocks they are going into,” Mr Miller said.

“People are keener to breed their own replacements than pay in the high $200 for first cross ewes.

“They (Jay-Dee clients)  are getting the rewards in the number of lambs weaned and maximising the early growth rates of their lambs.”


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