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PB Fenech Brahman bull tops $50,000

Queensland Country LifeReported by:
Kent Ward

Paul Fenech with his $50,000 top seller PBF Lakota Manso 334/16. The bull sold to Kingaroy breeders, Dean Rasmussen and Marilyn Hansen, Droonoodoo Stud.

Bulls topped at $50,000, semen fetched $7200 per straw while heifers hit $11,500 for a complete clearance at Saturday’s annual PB Fenech Spring Invitational Brahman Sale, Sarina.

Vendors, Paul and Brigid Fenech, PBF Stud, Sarina and their invited vendors, the Stewart Park Stud, Comet and the Pioneer Park Stud, Mackay witnessed Queensland wide and international demand for their physical product. Bolstered by strong repeat buyer support base, a dissection of the offering saw 27 registered bulls average $11,889, three herd bulls top $6500 to set a $4835 average while 10 heifers averaged $6650 and a pair of semen packages resulted in a phenomenal $19,750 average or $3950/straw.

In all 18 naturally bred PB Fenech males averaged $13,889.

Dean Rasmussen and Marilyn Hansen, Droonoodoo Stud, Kingaroy outlasted Franklin Sypher, Omega Stud, Alpha to secure the day’s top seller, the $50,000 PBF Lakota Manso 334/16 (24-months) (896kg) (142EMA) (PBF Noah Manso 610/11). Lakota Manso was offered in a three quarte share and full possession arrangement. Three males by Noah averaged $21,000.

Creating a new breed record for an Australian bred Brahman bull was the first offering of semen in the operation’s leading sire, PBF McManus Manso. The five straw package fetched $36,000 ($7200/straw) selling to Emmanuel and Josie Pace and family, Blue Water Hills Stud, Mackay. Losing bidder after the protracted dual was Shane and Cassie Griffin, Koumala. Eight sons of McManus during the sale averaged $13,875. Gary and Sherylea Hiette, Barambah Stud, Darts Creek outlaid $3500 for the other five straw package on offer in PBF Noah Manso 610/11 (IVF).

Ron and Daphne Kirk, Yenda Stud, Gayndah returned and picked out the $34,000 PBF Baxter Manso 333/16 (PBF Beauman Manso) (24-months) (850kg) (134EMA).

James, Susan and Ben Ball, BF and BFT Studs, Jabiru Springs, Clairview outlaid $26,000 for the 23-month, 870kg, 136 EMA, PBF McHanson Manso 375/16 (PBF McManus Manso), while Loid and Zabby Appleton, Yarmina Station, Charters Towers selected the $24,000 PBF McBrandis De Manso (McManus) (23-months) (918kg) (136EMA).

Yarmina will be the home of a trio bought for an average $12,167. David Stevens, Cremona Station, Julia Creek took the $26,000 McManus son, PBF McMillan Manso 380/16 (23-months) (786kg) (131EMA),

Ivan Price, Moongool Stud, Yuleba took with him the $20,000 Pioneer Park Cairo Manso 21/6 (28-months) (832kg) (135EMA) (PBF Harper Manso) from Tony Brown’s Pioneer Park Stud, Mackay. Five from Pioneer Park averaged $10,200.

Scott and Vicki Hayes, Yenda V Stud, Mundubberra took with them the $12,000 PBF McRadar Manso, while Erneston Brahmans, Townsville purchased the $15,000 Pioneer Park Cronulla Manso (21-months) (730kg) (PBF Chester Manso19/9).

Top selling heifer at $11,500 was the yearling, PBF Nevada Manso 431/17 (13-months) (PBF Mortlock Manso) selling to PC Ranch, Thailand through Fraser McFarlane, Harrisville. Immediately following her the 12-month- old, PBF Chillie Manso 484/17 (PBF Westin Manso 629/11) made $11,000 selling to Scott and Geoff Angel, Glengarry Stud, Kunwarara. Luke Stevens, Cremona Station, Julia Creek took three heifers to average $5500 topping at $6500 for a PBF Allakai Manso/PBF McManus Manso product.

John and Julie Borg, Harrybrandt, Nebo also returned taking a pair of bulls to average $7750. Patty Buzzy, Gundamere Pastoral Company, Nebo parted with $12,000 for the 23-month- old, 742kg, McManus Manso son, PBF McDon Manso 372/16 (130EMA).

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