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Coryule to $5000 top

Reported by:
Justin Conlan

Australian Wool Network's Jason Rothe with Top price buyer Bruce Vowels and Coryule Manager Craig Trickey.

*35 of 53 Selected rams sold to $5000, av $1303

THE 3rd Annual Coryule twilight on property sale offered 53 specially selected rams. Whilst the clearance and average was on par with last year, what was clearly evident was the support of repeat buyers.

The relatively young Nerstane based stud at Willowvale had another excellent year with broad ribbon results at a number of noted shows.

This year’s  top-priced ram was purchased by David and Alison Vowles, Trawalla, they paid $5000 for lot 17 a son of Borambil Jimmy. 

The ram carried wool measuring 18.6-micron in fibre diameter, a standard deviation (SD) of 3.2M, a co-efficient of variation (CV) of 17.2 and a comfort factor (CF) of 99.5 per cent.

Mr Vowles who was accompanied by his son Bruce both commented on the quality of the previous Coryule rams they had bought, saying that this year’s top pick ”ticked a lot of boxes”. 

His overall structure is fantastic with a well-covered dense fleece that would complement our self-replacing flock nicely.

Mr Volwes said he had always run merinos, also bought lot 28 for $1600a very similar styled ram bred from a Coryule ram with Roseville Park backing.

The top priced Poll ram went to David and Michelle Elsom, Warrabkook for $2750, the Alfoxton 127 son carried wool measuring 17.9-micron in fibre diameter, a standard deviation (SD) of 2.7M, a co-efficient of variation (CV) of 15.1 and a comfort factor (CF) of 99.3 per cent. 

Represented by Landmark’s Kevin Beaton, he commented that big stretchy ram had “great wool cutting ability” and the Epsom’s had also enjoyed success Coryule rams in previous years.

Another clearly satisfied repeat customer was Shane Jubb, Kia-Ora South, Hexham, who purchased ten rams, to a top price of $1750.  

Mr Jubb spoke highly of his previous Coryule rams purchased with a focus on structure, frame size and wool type that suits his rainfall. 

Mr Jubb said, they are good sound sheep, I am slowly moving more towards to polls that’s why I bought 5 of each this year.   With lambs due in May from his 1520 merino ewe flock the rams will be put to use in a few weeks’ time.

Other notable volume buyers included DR & JF Bingham, Lismore buying 5 rams to a top of $1250 and Homelea Mt Emu, Chepstowe, purchased four rams to average $950.

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