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EU accredited cattle sell to a premium

Stock & LandReported by:
Peter Kostos

WODONGA AGENTS Corcoran Parker, Elders and Landmark, held the first weaner calf sale for 2017, after Hamilton agents moved their annual sale back one week.

Hot and sweaty best describes the conditions of the day, as the yarding swelled to total 6406 head during the two days of receiving, drafting, penning and selling of the high quality cattle.

Buyers from central and northern NSW and southern Queensland attended the sale to compliment the local, Gippsland and others buyers from parts of Victoria and South Australia.

Yearling steers, most only classified with 0 teeth, sold very well. The MJW Trust sold 17 Angus steers, 16 months, for the sale’s top price of $1700. The yearling steers varied from 12-20 months, and from 340-512kgs, and prices from $1380-$1620 for most sales.

EU accredited Angus steers led the way with all three agents selling their vendors accredited steers. SH Ray Farm Trust, “Waralla”, Ournie, NSW, sold 239 steers from $1235-$1425, to average $1387. 

Davilak Past Co, Mansfield, offered the full run of 531 Angus steers sold from $1200-$1415, but the speciality here was the buying. MWL&Co, Forbes, purchased 283 head in one draft, for $1395. This put all other buyers on notice that if they wanted cattle they would have to bid up, and they did.

The Davilak steers averaged the equivalent of 428c/kg lwt, and prices were very strong from the outset.

Revelling in the quality of the breeding, and the condition of the cattle, potential buyers positioned their buying on the weight of the cattle. It was quite noticeable the preferences for medium to lightweight steers over their heavier cousins.

Steers weighing from 350-405kgs sold $1335-$1430, JC&JM Maddock, Staghorn Flat, sold 22 steers (391kgs) for $1430, and P&A Caponecchia, 39 steers from $1335-$1390.

Medium to lightweight steers sold to the brunt of the competition with steers weighing 260-350kgs equalling 385-456c/kg lwt. Deepdale Tallarook P/L, sold 167 steers (262-355kgs) from $1190-$1370.

MTS Constructions, Tintaldra, sold 147 steers (214-291kgs) from $970-$1200. DFK Heywood & Sons, Everton, sold 173 steers from $960-$1255, with some weighed and some not. the equivalent of 404-527c/kg lwt.

Feedlot buyers and backgrounders were more prevalent in the heifer sale. Yearling heifers sold to a top of $1450 from a base of $1130.

SH Ray Farm Trust sold 120 EU accredited weaned Angus heifers from $1065-$1285. Sue Ray said “I am very pleased that all of my heifers went to breeders” and some were purchased by a Glen Innes producer.

Heavier autumn drop heifers sold to feedlots, breeders and backgrounders, although, the later preferred the lighter weight heifers. Jomon Agriculture, Kancoona, sold 156 heifers from $950-$1270, which was a good guide to the general range of prices.

The heifer sale was very steady, at a higher level of prices. MTS Constructions sold 117 heifers from $960-$1050, most equalling 350-395c/kg.

The Elders selling team in full flight as auctioneer Matt Tinkler indicates the current bid, prior to selling this pen of steers. A large crowd attended the first day of sales.


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