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New $8400 high set for SA Merino on-property sales

Stock JournalReported by:
Catherine Miller

SIRE POTENTIAL: Ryan and Mark Vandeleur (holding the $8400 top priced ram) with buyers James and Josh Keller, Coonalpyn, Spence Dix & Co auctioneer Luke Schreiber and seven-year-old Charlie Vandeleur.


              2017      2016

Offered  70          60

Sold       70           60

Top        $8400     $5200

Av         $2132     $1713

RICES Creek Poll Merino stud set a new benchmark for 2017 SA Merino on-property sales with a $8400 high at its ninth annual South East sale, on Thursday last week.

Early in the auction at Lot 2- a 19.9 micron ram with a massive carcase and plenty of white, well-nourished wool sparked the flurry of bidding.

It easily eclipsed the Vandeleur family’s top price at its 2016 South East sale.

The son of Rices Creek 175 was the heaviest ram in the catalogue at 121 kilograms and had enjoyed plenty of pre-sale interest at the South East Merino Field Day.

It was among the top performers of Rices Creek’s 2016-drops, with a yearling greasy fleece weight of 141 per cent of the average and yearling weight of 151pc.

James and Josh Keller, J&J Keller Holdings, Coonalpyn, were the successful bidders.

“It had a nice ram’s head, deep long body and structurally it is put together well, with the wool we like,” Josh said.

The Kellers bought three rams for a $4533 average.

Rices Creek notched up a total clearance of its 70 April/May 2016 drop rams for an impressive $2132 average –  up more than $400 on the 2016 sale.

A wide geographical spread of buyers converged on the sale with rams sold from the Eyre Peninsula to pastoral NSW.

Glynnard Pty Ltd, Riverton, who pushed the sale topper all the way, secured an 18.7 micron ram for $4000.

Long-time supporters the Doering family, Walmona Pastoral, Truro, were the biggest buyers with eight rams for a $2163 average.

AJ&JM Zacker, Tintinara, added six rams to their buying card for a $1733 average and Merryvale, Woods Well, secured five rams at $1000 each.

Lucas Farms, Yumali, bought well with five rams for a $1240 average.

Stud co-principal Mark Vandeleur was pleased to see commercial breeders competing strongly on the top rams but rams still available for all budgets.

Sixteen rams made between $800 and $1000.

“Everyone was pretty happy with what they got and because the job is good they were prepared to pay for quality,” Mr Vandeleur said.

“We love talking about sheep so it is great to hear the positive feedback from our clients.”

Spence Dix & Co auctioneer Luke Schreiber said the stud was renowned for its large frames and carcases but had made a significant improvement in wool quality in the past few years.

He said the spectacular high price was testament to the results the stud’s clients were enjoying.

“For commercial blokes to go to  $8400 – that is as good an advertisement as you will see for Rices Creek,” he said.

“Those using Rices Creek bloodlines have a good package to get the best prices for fertility, wool and meat.”

Spence Dix & Co conducted the sale with Luke Schreiber and Daniel Griffiths sharing the rostrum.

The stud will offer 130 rams at its Mid North sale at Saddleworth on August 29.


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