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Dunoon Angus bulls average $7337 with a $17,000 top.

The LandReported by:
Nathan O'Sullivan

Jock Harbison with just two of the volume buyers, Nigel Meyer, "Westbrook", Singleton, bought five and Olivia Nicholos, Tollua Cattle Co, Merriwa, lead by example taking home 11, along with auctioneer, Michael Glasser.

Selling big runs of Angus bulls is what the Harbison family of Dunoon Cattle Company, Holbrook, do.

They have again sold 300 bulls under the hammer in 2017. 

The spring 2017 Dunoon Angus bull sale recorded a $7337 average across 147 of the 150 bulls offered selling to a top of $17,000.

The foundation of the Dunoon program is repeat clientele, no nonsense cattlemen that want cattle that work and work they do, numerous Dunoon clients sell their cattle to the same finishers year in year out.

The top price bull at $17,000 was Dunoon Law L1163, a son of TeMania Gascoyne G333 out of an Adrossan Admiral A2 daughter and sold to Mrs B.K. Daniel, Jembaicumbene.

Law L1163 had estimated breeding values in the top 10 per cent of Angus breedplan for intramuscular fat (IMF) and eye muscle area (EMA).

The second top of $14,000 was recorded four times.

MG Pastoral Co, Werribee, Vic, purchased an Ardrossan Equator A241 son in Dunoon Litchfield L1221 in the top 10pc for all growth traits, scrotal size and milk. 

They loaded five in total for an average price of $10,200.

R Boddy and Son, Leongatha, Vic, took home Dunoon Lockout L1095, another TeMania Gascoyne G333 son. 

Lockout L1095 was in the top one pc for EMA and IMF and the top five pc for all four Angus breedplan selection indices.

They averaged $12,667 on three in total.

Bull Oak Well Angus, Pinnaro, South Australia, bought a Merridale Gaffa G4 son in the top one pc for scrotal size and all growth traits in Dunoon Laird L1244.

While Greenwald Pastoral Company, Foster, Vic, secured Dunoon Lashings L832, a HPCA Intensity 7102 son in the top five pc for EMA and all growth traits.

They led the volume buyers by example taking their selection of 11 bulls for a $7000 average.

Not to be outdone Tollua Cattle Company, “Throwly”, Merriwa, put together a draft of 11 bulls for $7409 average reaching a top of $11,000.

Also contributing C. and K. Meyn, “Westbrook”, Singleton topped at $12,000 for Dunoon Lockyer L871, a TeMania Gascoyne G333 as they purchased five bulls for a $7800 average.

Having bought Dunoon bulls for five years manager, Nigel Meyn, said he was looking for good strong heifer bulls with good carcase data to join his 800 self-replacing Angus breeders.

Linc Pastoral Company, Queensland, bought well securing five bulls also for a $4400 paying to a top of $6000.

The sale was conducted on behalf of Dunoon by GTSM with Michael Glasser the auctioneer.


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