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Tallawong tops at $5000

The LandReported by:
Hannah Powe

Tallawong principal Frank Kaveney; purchasers Warwick and Joan Picker, Avondale Pastoral Company, Bigga, and Australian Wool Network state manager Mark Hedley.

LOCAL sheep producers bought multiple rams at the Tallawong Merinos 13th annual on-property sale held at “Murrumville”, Yass, on October 10. 

Thirty five registered buyers from across NSW fueled the bidding with several new clients taking home rams.  

A total of 111 rams sold of the 130 offered for a 85 per cent clearance and a $2273 average. 

Warwick and Joan Picker from Avondale Pastoral Company, Bigga, purchased the top price ram for $5000 through Mark Hedley, Australian Wool Network. 

Tallawong 160782 by Tallawong 140717 was the sale topper. He weighed 76 kilograms and measured 19.1 in the micron, 3.1 standard deviation (SD), 16.3pc fibre diameter coefficient of variation (CV) and had a comfort factor (CF) of 98.7pc. 

The horned ram had a greasy fleece weight (GFW) of 120.1pc and had Australian sheep breeding values (ASBVs) of -2.3 for yearling fibre diameter (YFD), -1.4 yearling fibre diameter coefficient of variation (YFDCV), 7.7 yearling clean fleece weight (YCFW). 

He had above average indexes of 141 for Merino Production plus (MP+) and 145 for Fibre Production plus (FP+). 

Mr Picker said they had been breeding from Tallawong Merino bloodlines for about five years now, securing a total of four rams for a $3800 average this year. 

The second top price ram sold for $4250 to MD. and KE. Croake, “Golden Range”, Pyramul. 

The Poll Merino ram, Tallawong 160071 was by the Yarra 140040 sire. Weighing 83.6kg the ram had a GFW of 109.2pc, 18.0 micron, 3.2 SD, 17.8pc CV and CF of 17.8. 

He had ASBVs of -2.6 YFD, -1.0 YFDCV and 10.4 YCFW. His indexes were above average at 150 MP+ and 148 FP+. 

Reynolds Pastoral Company, Young, purchased nine rams paying a top of $1800 twice, to average $1344. 

The Buckmaster family bought 11 rams, topping at $3400 and averaging $2236 for their draft. 

Local buyer Michael Shanahan, Tharwa, secured 12 rams for a $1817 average and $3000 top. 

Tallawong Merinos principal Frank Kaveney, Yass, said he was happy with the prices and averages – it was a very successful sale. 

It is pleasing to see the enthusiasm shown by clients with many comments relating to the high quality of wool and rams on offer.- Tallawong stud principal Frank Kaveney, Yass.

“It has been a tough season. People were sweating on a rain, we got a bit of rain but its’ been quite variable,” he said. 

“We are pleased with the way the stud is heading. We are achieving our objectives and we are quite happy with the great wools and increase in the frame size and the cuts.”

Landmark Yass conducted the sale with stud stock specialist, Rick Power, as the auctioneer. 


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