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Banquet Angus,

Mortlake, VIC
Contact Details:
Stephen Branson
Banquet Angus
PO Box 166
Mortlake VIC 3272
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Stud Description

For years the Branson family has focussed on a different breeding program.
The success of their breeding program has been quite noticeable at recent Western Victorian weaner sales. Producers, buyers and agents are commenting on Banquet blood steers – “The steers are certainly different”.
“We realised long ago that processors want the bigger framed longer and thicker Angus steers to hang meat on”, Stephen Branson explains.
These bigger framed, heavier boned steers are being sought by backgrounders and finishers who recognise they will receive heavier exit weights and consequently more dollars by buying the Big, Bold, Black, Banquet style of cattle.
In order to supply the demand for sires to produce bigger thicker cattle Stephen and Noeleen Branson decided to breed their own high impact growth sires.
What makes these Banquet bulls different?
To produce bulls to sire bigger framed steers one needs a variety of cows.
Banquet now calve over 900 cows a year on six properties that are up to 200 kms apart. What is unique about the operation is that each female is treated as an individual, not as a sire group. The various herd managers know the background of each cow and the purpose it serves within the herd.
Each cow’s joining is determined so that it will produce a calf to maximum genetic potential. All cattle, including the bulls are treated as individuals and are continually scrutinised monitored and measured.
EBVs are important in predicting certain traits. However the other traits such as temperament, structure, butt shape, hair type, maturity pattern etc, can only be assessed by astute and competent herd managers.

Banquet bred cattle are now being recognised as genetic leaders in Australia.
The team managers at Banquet have such faith in their breeding program that they use their own bulls as sires. In fact they benchmark any imported genetics against the homebred product. In Banquet’s 2007 sale, 83 out of 112 lots were sired by Banquet homebred sires. Most high selling Banquet bulls are bought by their purchasers to sire bulls.
Stephen and Noeleen Branson do not rely on selecting unseen sires out of semen catalogues – anyone can do that. Instead they use limited imported genetics to complement their home breeding program.

The Bransons believe that as seed stock producers, if they need to rely on imported semen to produce bulls then the bulls they bred previously just aren’t good enough!
Banquet clients are finding that Banquet homebred cattle are outperforming those bred by many imported sires – such is the success of the Banquet breeding program.
By targeting their breeding program to the needs of their clients, Banquet has built up a large following, with buyers from all states of Australia competing strongly for their bulls.


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