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Lucrana Simmentals,

Texas, QLD
Contact Details:
Andrew Moore
Lucrana Simmentals
Riverton Road
Texas QLD 4385
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Stud Description

Lucrana Simmentals is situated at Texas, Queensland, Australia. The stud was established by the Moore family in 1986, and today is operated by Andrew Moore and Karen Britton.

A stud herd of approximately 300 herdbook registered and SPR (simbeef performance recorded) females make up Lucrana Simmentals. The bulls are sold at an Annual On Property Sale in July each year and also by private treaty throughout the year.

Lucrana has always aimed to produce commercially relevant cattle, focussing on: finishing ability, calving ease, growth rates, carcass attributes, while maintaining a functional cow herd.

The female herd is run under strictly commercial conditions in hilly country. The enviroment is often harsh with air temperatures ranging from 45 degrees C in summer and -8 degrees C in winter having been recorded at the Texas Meteorological Station.

Apart from foundation females no outside females have been introduced into the stud. Thus breeding up a herd of functional females adapted to the environment. Lucrana is presently attempting to increase the number of polled animals in the herd, by using a number of polled sires by natural service and artificial insemination. The herd is performance recorded on Group Breedplan.

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Lucrana Annual SaleLucrana Annual Sale
Lucrana Simmentals 6th Annual Sale             12 Pm, July 7, 2017                    Texas, Qld Offering:  ...
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