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Seifert Belmonts,

Emu Creek, QLD
Contact Details:
Jeanne Seifert
Seifert Belmonts
2620 Pierces Ck Rd
Emu Creek QLD 4355
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Stud Description

Seifert Belmonts is a commercially focused beef cattle breeding and seedstock bull producer.  It is the largest breeder of pure bred registered breedplan recorded Belmont cattle in Australia.
Encompassing 9700 acres it is an aggregation of three properties positioned within 6km of each other in the South Burnett.
Carrying approximately 900 females, from which up to 150 Belmont bulls are stringently selected each year, stock is managed under strictly commercial operating conditions. Born and bred in ‘ticky’ unimproved spear grass forest country, our philosophy of breeding genetically superior adapted cattle results from intense selection pressure being applied to traits of economic importance in this natural and tough environment.
Seifert Belmonts is family owned and operated by husband and wife team Ian Stark and Jeanne Seifert and also incorporates the Sylvia Vale Stock Horse Stud.

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